MUSIC lessons

Myrn at one of our pianos

We offer music lessons, theory training, and exam preparation for the piano. All of our students learn on quality pianos. Four Pianos are available,--- two beautiful Concert Grands, an Upright grand and a top digital instrument as well, for those into computers. John Jr. is our computer specialist. His Baldwin Concert Grand has all the latest computer hardware on it,--installed at the factory.

Complimentary interviews are available by appointment only. You will have the opportunity to meet our teachers, tour our studio, and discuss your (or your child's) goals with us. We look forward to meeting you, so don't hesitate to call or email us today.

Teaching Schedule

  • > Monday to Friday: afternoons and evenings
  • > Lessons are given in 1 hr, 3/4 hr or 1/2 hr periods
Student learning piano

Books and Piano Services
Books and other educational materials for you or your child are purchased directly by Corban Music Studio on your behalf. The price is then charged to your account during the next billing cycle.

If you are interested in purchasing a piano or are looking for a qualified piano tuner in the area, we have choice contacts and are happy to share them with you.

Please call us directly for lesson pricing information!