OUR testimonials

The Corban Music Studio has been a wonderful blessing to my family in more ways than one. With 1 daughter, 2 nieces, and 2 nephews, benefiting from their expertise, it is easy to see why I say this. I have had the privilege of sitting in almost all of my daughter’s lessons for the past 5 years, and I have often remarked to my daughter that if I had been fortunate enough to have a piano teacher like Myrn Corban when I was a young girl, I would have never quit taking lessons. Excellence is encouraged in a gentle and loving manner. This helps the student reach their full potential. In other words, the piano student is inspired to do their best. The sharing of one’s music is also encouraged so that the students learn how to be a blessing to others. My daughter has played for children’s classes and church services. This would have never happened without the support and encouragement she receives at the Corban Music Studio. Best of all, she has found both a mentor and a friend in her teacher. What more could a parent ask for!

-A.S. Gresham OR

Our children have been taking piano lessons from the Corban family for about 9 years. From our first meeting with the Corbans, we were impressed with the way they interacted with our kids. We knew then that, if nothing else, our kids would certainly enjoy the experience of learning to play. As time has moved on, they have not only enjoyed it, but have become excellent piano players in the process. We know that the discipline of learning has had positive impacts on other areas of their life. Both are good students and are involved in other arts in their high school. The Corbans have had a great influence in the development of our teenagers, and we feel lucky to have found them.

-Dale and Cathy Clark, Gresham OR

Why I Did, and You Should Choose Corban Piano Studio:
Our family started taking lessons from Corban studio 20 years ago! Our youngest child (now 17) is still studying with Myrn.
Both my wife and I understand the value of music study and it’s direct relationship to the brain as well as personal and spiritual development. When we found the Corbans it was like finding a treasure chest full and overflowing. Myrn’s training and expertise is not easily matched in the Portland - Metro area. She has studied under some of the great master’s of piano and coupled with her vibrant, nurturing personality you just can’t find a better value anywhere.


Our children have all adored Myrn and John and looked forward to their lessons (and a chocolate bar) every week. All four of our children regard Myrn and John as a bonus set of Grandparents and have continued interaction with them as adults. This is because Myrn and John take their business way beyond keyboard skills and literature. They are concerned about the student as a whole including integrity, faith, and character as part of the package.
Having a Master’s degree in music education myself, I find that Myrn’s skills as a teacher and music advocate are exemplary and worth emulating. The Corban studio recently went way beyond the level of service by securing a performance venue and a stunning new concert grand piano for my son to perform the Grieg Piano Concerto.
Anyone who could interact with the Corbans and walk away without being a better person has the personality of a fence post.

-Tim and Patti Killgore, Corbett OR

I have been studying at the Corban Music Studio for ten years now and I cannot say enough good about it. I always feel encouraged when I go for my lesson, with respect not only to my piano studies but also simply encouraged for life in general. I honestly do not think a better teacher could be found. But it’s more than a student-teacher relationship that I have developed with Mrs. Corban over the years. She’s been a friend to me and my lesson is always a high point of my week. I think that one of the greatest things about studying at Corban Music Studio is the fact that everything I’ve learned while studying the piano has been applicable in other parts of my life as well. The practicing techniques carry over into any subject I study or any new task I take on. All in all, my studies at Corban Music Studio have helped shape me and helped me mature. It was in my piano studies that I learned how to face a great challenge and how to accomplish something I didn’t always think was possible. If you are considering Corban Music Studio as your place to study piano, I could not recommend it more. The experience will be enriching in every aspect.

-Peter Killgore, High School Senior in Corbett OR

"Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secrets of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife."
--Kahlil Gibran, 1888-1931